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Each week I'll add a new MP3 to the archives to download. Theoretically each week, that is. All the tunes are played by me (Anna) unless otherwise noted.

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1. Polska by Anna Abraham (Nyckelharpa)
This is a tune I composed in 2001. It's a bit melodramatic, but then again, I'm a drama-queen at heart.
Uploaded June 1, 2002

2. Polska From Västerbotten (Nyckelharpa)
This is a polska from Northern Sweden that I learned in Tobo from my classmate, 'The Man', Daniel Pettersson.
Uploaded September 4, 2002

3. Finnskogs Pols Medly Traditional (Anna and Ingrid, fiddles)
In 2002, Sweden's Fredrik Lundberg introduced Finnskogs pols to us. It's very, very cool. This is a medly of two - the first nicknamed "biker pols" by some friends of ours, and the second we simply refer to as 'the happy one'. (read: infectiously happy).
Uploaded November 28, 2002

4. Midsommar Regn (Midsummer Rain)
composed & arranged by Anna Abraham
Performed by Anna A. Anna W. & Anne-Chatrine

Midsommar Regn is the first real tune I composed. Skandia's annual midsommarfest of 1996 was dreary and rainy. I happened to be sitting in my hotel room with the 'harpa, quite inspired by the rain pattering outside. I came up with a simple melody theme (that eventually became the third part of the tune.) In a spur of the moment decision, I ran out of the room when I saw something wriggle around in my backpack. Of course I got locked out. I suppose I could have asked for another key, but instead I sat and played and waited for my parents. There I composed the first two parts of the tune. While I was in Sweden in the year 2000, I came up with an arrangement and it was performed at my school's final concert at a church in Uppland. This is a recording of the live performance.
Uploaded December 2, 2002

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