allows me to work towards perfecting my perfectionism. I enjoy it tremendously, but it drives me crazy. Lately I've been concentrating on developing my own style. I like to continually set my standards higher so I won't get too comfortable where I am. I like the future, and can't wait to get there.

Understanding what graphical elements are needed in a project takes both experience and a sensitive gut. I like design that is fluid and balanced. Color, weight, and shape are the elements I feel are most important. Eyes have taste buds, and my designs need to have the right balance between sweet and salty.

In the above links you will find examples of my work. 'Photoshop' has examples using Adobe Photoshop, my favorite program. 'Web Design' has links to previous projects. 'Photography' is where you'll see some of my favorite digital shots. And 'Training' is where you get to see all the pain I've been through to get here.

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